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Sharing your Collections

Through the IslandArchives portal, the Robertson Library can suport community members and partners by providing training, consultations, and the technical infrastructure to steward digital collections. 

Partnering with the Robertson Library, individuals and organizations can digitize their collections and describe and upload them to the IslandArchives portal where they are made accessible to all.  The portal leverages the innovative digital asset management system, Islandora, which is under development at the University of Prince Edward Island


Tools for Organizations

Digital Imaging Best Practices

It is intended to serve as a guide for practitioners in cultural heritage institutions that seek to create images from physical objects. 

Digital Audio Best Practices

This document provides guidelines and a set of best practices for cultural heritage institutions interested in converting analog audio recordings to digital formats.

Make it Digital Scorecard

The scorecard can help institutions decide whether to digitize material or not.   The same organization, DigitalNZ, produces an excellent set of guides.



Describing your collections

Selecting a Scanner