Island Newspapers

The project is a digitization effort carried out by Robertson Library at UPEI and its partners with the goal of creating a searchable, online collection of the Island’s historic newspapers.  To create a prototype and proof of concept the Guardian generously provided some seed funding to support that research and it resulted in, a small subset of Guardian content three years ago. Using the prototype and feedback from our community we have built on that work and have relaunched with over 5 terabytes of content comprising 200,000 searchable page images from the Guardian from the 1890s to the 1950s, created a robust search engine and have paired that with an improved display interface.

Further we hope to integrate this content as part of the IslandArchives collection, connecting with other IslandArchives resources – such as IslandLives; IslandImagined, etc.  As a result, when searching in one resource, pertinent information might also be retrieved from others.  For example, a search on Montague might bring up newspaper content about or from Montague, as well as various geographic maps, town planning minutes, or letters written while behind some battle line by a Montague resident.

The IslandArchives repository is an Island resource and we are very conscious of our responsibility to make this material accessible to the world. Indeed, the contents of these collections reflect the Island's evolution and provide important source materials for researchers and the general public. The Island Newspapers collection will illuminate Prince Edward Island's sociocultural and political history through digitized newspapers dating back to the early 1800s. Browse or search our expanding collections to learn more of the events, people, and trends that shaped the early Island.

If you would like to contribute to the IslandNewspapers project by providing a financial contribution and "adopting" a title, we would like to hear from you.