Other Collections

Basic Academic Skills - the BAS resource is a unique collection of videos designed to help first-year University students be more successful. These videos were created by Amy Kelly with the support of the Inukshuk project.

Island Magazine - In partnership with the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, the Robertson Library has digitized the complete Island Magazine collection. Since its inception in 1976, The Island Magazine has become an integral part of Prince Edward Island's heritage, publishing thousands of articles on our social, cultural, and natural history. 

  • In recognition of the important role the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation members play in sustaining The Island Magazine, on-line access to the most recent two issues is limited to Foundation members only.
  • The Island Magazine is being made available on-line for the sole purpose of private research and study. Questions regarding rights and permissions for any other re-use or re-production of magazine content should be directed to the editorial offices of The Island Magazine.

Prince Edward Island Magazine - This collection is currently being revised and migrated to UPEI servers. We hope to have it available soon.

PEISAMIA [Prince Edward Island Sound and Moving Image Archive] - This pilot project provides proof-of-concept for a sound and moving image (audio and film/video) archive on Prince Edward Island. In early 2005, we received funding from the AV Preservation Trust to create archival descriptions for several significant collections held by the PEI Sound and Moving Image Archive. Five collections were arranged and described according to Rules for Archival Description (RAD) and samples from each collection were identified and digitized. Those descriptions and digitized samples were then made available on-line. It is hoped the success of the PEI Sound and Moving Image Archive Pilot Project will lead to further acquisitions and funding, allowing the Library to continue to preserve and maintain the Island's sound and moving image history.

Please let us know if you have ideas for other Island collections, or how we can improve on the growing list of items available at IslandArchives.ca today.