University of Prince Edward Island

Digital Herbarium - Working with the Faculty of Science, the Robertson Library has digitized and will provide access to just over 2,000 plant specimens collected since the 1960s.
IslandScholar - IslandScholar is UPEI's institutional repository, a comprehensive collection of the scholarly output of the institution. The first version, launched in December 2008, provides both citation-only and fulltext material. Library staff will be working with Faculty in the coming months to add additional fulltext content. IslandScholar uses Robertson Library's unique Repository in a Box approach to building such collections.
Prince of Wales Digital Archive - An online collection of newspapers, yearbooks, photographs, calendars and other documentation of UPEI's forebear, Prince of Wales College.
Red & White - The Red & White is a complete collection of the St. Dunstan's student newspaper. St. Dunstan's was one of the two predecessor bodies which came together to create the University of PEI. The Red & White collection was originally developed in DSpace, but was ported to Fedora as the Library's first digital collection using the new Fedora/Drupal system. The Red & White project was made possible through generous donations from the St. Dunstan's alumni and Jim Palmer and family.
Remember UPEI - A collection of material from the Archives of UPEI. We will also be linking in the full archive of class photos and other material in the near future.
UPEI Magazine - The official magazine of the University of PEI. This is an early test version, so you may experience some instability when viewing individual issues.